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FYF Fest 2014 Dispatch

August 27, 2014 |

In years past, FYF Fest took place at the Los Angeles National Historic Park, a giant, dusty field, just miles from the downtown skyline. It gave the music festival the feel of a miniature Coachella with Metro access. In Los … Read More

[Interview] Lady Casa

August 25, 2014 |

Additional reporting by Kara Scofield

Electronic dance music has transformed from the warehouse parties in London’s underground into a worldwide movement. EDM can be heard on your car radio, your favorite sitcom and has its own stage at that music … Read More

[Song] Leonard Cohen – Almost Like The Blues

August 21, 2014 |

There is a pantheon of living songwriters, renowned for their lyrical prowess than just about anything else. Your Bob Dylans, your Tom Waits, all those elder statesmen that still put out new chapters. In terms of instant joy, I’m firmly … Read More

Humpday Treats! 08.20.14

August 20, 2014 |

After a brief hiatus last week, Humpday Treats is back…with a vengeance! Here to musically soothe your stressed out freak-outs brought on by work, school and everything in between. Take a break, slip some headphones on and escape with these … Read More

[Song] Balmorhea – HEIR I

August 18, 2014 |

Balmorhea is a band you find out about because This American Life used them for some interesting, mood-setting transitional music. They’re a band you find out about because The Atlantic premiered their newest track, “HEIR I.” You discover them … Read More

[Video] The Birth of Captain Murphy

August 17, 2014 |

Flying Lotus and Adult Swim have been longtime friends, so it makes sense that they would throw in with FlyLo’s rap alter ego, Captain Murphy. The 4 minute sometimes violent, sometimes sexual, takes a page from The Joker’s playbook by … Read More

[Interview] The Silver Lake Chorus at LACMA, Part 2

August 14, 2014 |

Part 2 of our coverage and interview with The Silver Lake Chorus at LACMA continues. Click here for Part 1.

Q. How did it feel for everyone to be surrounded by pieces of art as they performed? How was … Read More

[Interview] The Silver Lake Chorus at LACMA, Part 1

August 14, 2014 |

It isn’t an everyday occurrence to step into a gallery and have the opportunity to see and hear art – I don’t care where you live. As such, it’s even more satisfying when early 20th century meets modernity at a … Read More

[Live] Flume at Club Nokia 08.11.14

August 12, 2014 |

Photo credit: Oliver Walker © Goldenvoice 2014

The youngster from down under, Flume (aka Harley Streten), took over the city of Los Angeles for three nights this past weekend. Due to the popularity and talent of this innovative producer – … Read More

[Review] Alvvays – Alvvays

August 12, 2014 |

“Makes you feel alive” is one of the most common and unhelpful cliches of praise we heap onto albums we love. It’s unhelpful because it doesn’t really tell us anything about the music — whatever makes you feel alive is … Read More